In our studio we have a wide range of reel to reel recorders for sale. These machines are serviced and tested in our laboratory and for each one of them we provide a detailed statement of all the interventions performed and the results of the audio tests. All the revision, alignment and calibration services are performed with high quality instrumentations such as Rohde & Schwarz UPL, Agilent, Tektronix. In particular, for calibration we use MRL Labs calibration tapes. All the recorders are available for comparative audio testing at our showroom prior booked appointment. It is possible to directly pick up your machine or alternatively we can ship it to you through express courier. Please contact us to check if your desired machine is currently available or to ask about machines that are not shown on our website. We can discuss about exchanges with your devices or requests of pick up of your machines.


Components that are no longer reliable such as electrolytic capacitors, filter capacitors on the power supply, pinch rollers etc. are replaced. During the overhaul phase, electronic components that are no longer reliable or subject to aging are replaced with high quality modern equivalents and, in particular for the audio section, with select 'audiophile grade' components such as metal film capacitors, selected resistive elements etc. The final result of this scrupulous procedure is that the characteristics of the machines once overhauled are often higher than those originally declared by the manufacturer. At our headquarters we personally carry out repairs, revisions and tests and we do not rely on external personnel because we believe that to carry out this type of activity it is necessary to have the 'know-how' and the necessary skills to guarantee the customer a reliable interlocutor and competent person to contact directly to solve any technical or operational problems and to guarantee rapid intervention times in case of need. For example, the following interventions are carried out on all the recorders on sale:

  • Complete disassembly, cleaning and lubrication of transport, motors, solenoids and mechanics, deoxidation of potentiometers, switches and sliding contacts
  • Replacement of filter capacitors (RIFA) with current components, replacement of no longer reliable components with modern high quality equivalents
  • Brake cleaning and adjustment, drum replacement if necessary
  • Calibration of belt tensions, working pressure of pinch rollers, solenoids and mechanical actuators
  • Reference voltage calibration of power supply boards, test point verification as per service manuals
  • Verification of parameters with appropriate instrumentation (tentelometer, dynamometer, rotary tachometer)
  • Replacement, where present, of the internal batteries
  • Head unit cleaning, alignment check, azimuth adjustment and demagnetization
  • Calibration of recording and playback levels and related equalizations with MRL Labs sample tape
  • Verification and certification of the operating parameters (bandwidth, wow and flutter, noise floor etc)


Complete recapping (replacement of all electrolytic capacitors with high quality modern components) is carried out on older machines, or on specific customer request, in order to restore the original timbre and dynamics of the recorder as well as avoiding future problems due to release of acid from the by now exhausted components. Finally, before delivery to the customer, audio calibration is performed (levels, equalization, bias for the type of tape required) using MRL Labs sample tape and high precision instrumentation (Rohde & Schwarz UPL, Agilent, Tektronix) to ensure highest quality and a result able to satisfy your highest expectations. In addition to the user and service manual of the recorder, the customer is also issued the documentation certifying the interventions carried out and a detailed report accompanied by graphs relating to the audio checks carried out (wow and flutter, bandwidth, THD + N, crosstalk, etc. )



  • Why should I contact you to check the availability and price of the recorders?

Unfortunately, given the high demand for this type of machines, we are unable to update the site with the real availability of the recorders. There are some machines that are very difficult to find and we even have a reservation list for these models. The cost of the recorders varies according to the price we pay for the acquisition of the various machines before the overhaul and for this reason it is necessary to contact us in order to check, in addition to the current availability, also the price of the recorder you are looking for.

  • Is it possible to ship the recorder I intend to purchase?

Yes, of course, we are able to ship all the machines we have for sale, all shipments are made by express courier and the goods travel insured. For heavier machines such as the 24 tracks we are able to ship on pallets with a suitable wooden crate to avoid any kind of unexpected.

  • Do you provide warranty on the products for sale?

The warranty on overhauled machines is one year with the possibility of extension on request.

  • Are the machines on sale all overhauled, calibrated and ready to be used?

Yes, the electrolytic capacitors are also replaced (recapping) in order to restore the correct audio properties of the recorder and prevent any future damage.

  • Are reels, tapes and adapters included in the sale of the recorder?

It depends on the model of the machine, for example the original adapters are always included for the Studer A80, for other machines such as the Revox the NAB adapters must be purchased separately as the recorders are equipped with Cine attachments on the original plates.

  • Is it possible to listen to the recorder in your laboratory before purchasing?

Yes, of course, in our showroom you can listen to all the machines we have for sale.


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